We know that privacy is essential in any conversation you have and exposing information relevant to your day or life in a phone call involving more than two people implies a potential risk.

The use of a human translator in a national or international phone call, or even in a video call, can be a somewhat uncomfortable experience, where you have no clear guarantees about whether what you talk to the other person will remain private.

Simultaneous translation without the intervention of a human translator is more than a necessity, it is a right that everyone has to privacy and intimacy.

Simultaneous translation without human intervention

The simultaneous translation offered by Calls Translator involves software that runs in the cloud, where the translation is performed by an artificial intelligence that is capable of recognizing both languages and translating in parallel, without compromising the clarity and fluency of what is being spoken.

In other words, there is no human translator involved. They are only the sender and receiver of the call, speaking through their cell phone with the Calls Translator application installed.

The fluency and clarity of the simultaneous translation extends to more than 25 available languages. And you will be able to make calls even to local phone numbers or to those who do not have the application installed on their Android or iOS cell phones.

Talking without worrying about language barriers will soon be a thing of the past.

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