A simultaneous translation application must have features that are useful for the user who lives between working days and constant meetings and communications with clients all over the world.

Let’s say you are from Brazil and you want to talk to a client who is located in Germany, but that person only speaks German, what do you do in these cases?

The solution is simple, you use a simultaneous translation application to communicate without language barriers.

Simultaneous translation application

We know you are wondering how Calls Translator works.

If your goal is to communicate with a person who lives in Germany but you do not speak their language, with Calls Translator you will have several communication options.

Calls with simultaneous translation

Let’s start with international calls. A simultaneous translation application such as Calls Translator can provide you with the option of having a secondary phone number, which will work smoothly and without interfering with your main line.

With this number and using the Calls Translator application from your cell phone, you can call anywhere in the world where some of the 25 languages available are spoken.

Just choose your language of origin, in this case as you are from Brazil, it would be Portuguese and then choose the language of the person you want to talk to. If you are calling Germany, it would be German.

Once the call is answered by your interlocutor, the simultaneous translation will be activated automatically. Both of you will be able to speak fluently, without interruptions in the translations and, best of all, without the intervention of a human translator.

Simultaneous translation in calls can work even when you call another person who does not have the translation application installed on his or her cell phone. You can even make calls to local numbers.

Video calls with simultaneous translation

Calls Translator provides a new way of communication through video calls, which you can use from the application itself.

In this case, both people participating in the videoconference must have the application installed on their respective cell phones. In this way, the simultaneous translation functionality can be used in the video call without any inconvenience.

Video calls with simultaneous translation in Calls Translator work in a similar way to conventional calls, the only thing that has been added is the ability to display video on the screen.

Text messages and e-mails with translation

Do you like to communicate through text messages? Well, Calls Translator will also provide you with a messenger that you can use from the application to translate all the messages you send and receive easily and without complications.

You will be able to do the same with your emails, both those you receive and those you send. Because when you use a simultaneous translation application like Calls Translator, the important thing is that you keep in touch, without limits or language barriers.

Download it now, available on Android and iOS.


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