One of the big debts that operators and default calling applications have on smartphones is the ability to offer simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous translations are more typical in other services such as text or message translation. However, a faithful call translation service is rarely available.

How Calls Translator helps you translate your calls

When we talk about simultaneous translation of calls, some users might imagine a service where a third party intervenes as a translator or an application whose voice sounds robotic or not very fluent.

We have seen this in similar services, such as those offered by Google.

Calls Translator offers an all-in-one application capable of translating both national and international calls. This includes the ability to translate video calls, text messages and emails.

The idea is to equip the user with a single application that is able to cover a wide range of translation needs at specific times.

Simultaneous translations in national and international calls can be made to local numbers or to other users who do not have the application installed on their smartphone.

Try Calls Translator on your Android phone or iPhone, access the five minutes we give you for free just by completing the registration.

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