The standard idea regarding the use of simultaneous call translators is that they employ human, professional translators with translation skills in different languages.

Currently, there are applications that offer this service in which the translation is done by a human translator.

Calls Translator changes this paradigm by offering a simultaneous translation service without human intervention.

Benefits of a real-time simultaneous translation service

Privacy is the main benefit. By using a simultaneous translation service without the intervention of a human translator, your conversations will remain confidential between you as the sender and the receiver.

Clarity without sacrificing fluency. By using a service like Calls Translator, you can count on clear and fluent translations. You will be able to speak with the freedom you need to communicate with anyone with more than 25 languages available.

All-in-one translation. By using Calls Translator you will also have the benefit of translating video calls and text messages, as well as calls.

Your communication is very important and that’s why we created an application that is able to support you in your daily life, that is always available, without waiting for a human translator.

Download the app for free, available on Google Play and App Store. Enjoy five minutes for free just by registering a user.

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