Many times we have found ourselves in the situation of wanting to talk to other people, but language barriers prevent us from realising that desire.

The option would be to learn a new language, but the learning curve could become complex as our need or motivation remains active.

That’s why Calls Translator now offers to break down those language barriers with a single application to translate whatever you want.

Speak freely with a simultaneous call translator in over 50 languages

We know that this world is very diverse and many, many people speak multiple languages.

With Calls Translator you can translate calls, video calls, messages and emails in more than 50 languages. A list that will grow over time.

We solve a big problem for many entrepreneurs, travellers and people who want to meet others anywhere in the world.

The Latin entrepreneur who wants to talk to a client in North America, Europe or Asia will be able to do so with the freedom and simplicity that Calls Translator functionalities offer.

For frequent travellers who visit multiple places or for those users who require an effective solution for communicating with an acquaintance or loved one.

Calls Translator is for all users who need to speak to the world without language barriers.