Simultaneous translators, such as Calls Translator, allow for seamless translation in multiple languages.

This is because it does not rely on a human translator, who does the translation work for each caller on the call, as is the case with other similar services.

When you make a call with Calls Translator, you can choose your source language, as well as the language you want to translate into, and you will immediately be able to speak with anyone in the world without limits.

Calls Translator vs. conventional translators

Conventional translators have limited features and generally depend on the user’s constant intervention in order to work.

For example, typing everything you want and then proceeding with the translation. In many cases, that translation involves errors and sometimes makes use of words or phrases that change the entire context of the sentence.

Some of these translators offer voice translation, even so, the experience is often coarse or limited to certain words.

When you use a simultaneous translator such as Calls Translator, you will be able to speak normally and your interlocutor will be able to understand you without any problem and with guaranteed fluency.

In addition to fluency, Calls Translator allows you to make national and international calls, even to those who do not have the application installed. This means that it will also work if you want to call a local number.

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