Calls Translator is a simultaneous translator of national and international calls, both incoming and outgoing.

It has a single application that can be downloaded and installed on iOS and Android, where you can have your own phone number and a series of translation options that will be of benefit to you.

Here are some of the main features of Calls Translator, a new communication tool that will be useful in your day-to-day life.

Translates simultaneous videoconferences

One of the main features of Calls Translator is the possibility of translating video conferences simultaneously.

If you speak a different language to your guest, Calls Translator gives you an instant translation experience, equally clear and with a fluent translator’s voice.

To enjoy Calls Translator’s simultaneous translation, you will need to have the official application installed on your device.

Translation of emails and messages

Another key feature of Calls Translator is the ability to translate both emails and text messages.

You will be able to write in your native language and be sure that the simultaneous translation application will take care of the translation in the language you need.

It includes the option of text messages, for better communication fluency with the people you want.

Calls Translator can translate both personal and business emails.

Browse the Internet without worrying about language

Calls Translator integrates its own web browser, with which you can access the Internet and translate the content of different websites without any complications.

You will be able to consult information on the web without having to worry about language limitations. Your texts can be translated from and into the language of your choice by simply configuring the settings.