We are used to text translators, but we have not experienced the satisfaction of using a video call translator.

Calls Translator is a mobile application that will give you the freedom to translate your video calls in real time and with more than 25 languages available.

This application is available for both Android and iPhone. You can access it by clicking on the buttons below:



Why use a video call translator?

The specific need of many users is to be able to communicate with different people from anywhere in the world without language barriers.

Calls Translator breaks down this barrier by offering a dedicated service for translating your communications through a single application. 

The translation functionality for Calls Translator video calls will work from the same application, you will be able to call other users and establish a fluid communication without robotic voices.

Calls Translator offers the same functionality for national and international calls. You can even call local numbers or other users who do not have the application installed on their smartphone.

The 5 features of Calls Translator

Call wherever you want, with unlimited languages using simultaneous translation with more than 25 languages available. 

Make video calls with simultaneous translation, choose the voice you want and start interacting with the world.

Write emails in your native language and translate them easily from within the application.

Communicate with whomever you want from the text messaging section, which also includes simultaneous translation.

Use the integrated web browser and translate the websites of your choice in the blink of an eye.