Calls Translator is a mobile application, available for Android and iOS, that will allow its users to make calls with simultaneous translation in more than 50 available languages.

It is an application that uses a cloud-based system to translate the calls you make with another person in real-time, thus breaking the language barrier and guaranteeing fluency and clarity.

Your own number for national and international calls

When contracting a Calls Translator plan, you will have your own number to be able to make calls to any national or international number.

This includes the simultaneous translation functionality, which can be activated in conjunction with the type of voice you want your interlocutor to hear.

Calls Translator is intended for those users who need to communicate with people who speak different languages. For professionals and travelers who need a reliable and available service at all times.

This application will work normally on your smart mobile device and will not interfere with the operation of your main telephone line.

A single application to translate what you want

Calls Translator is not just an application to carry out simultaneous translations on national and international calls. It will also help you in your translation work in multiple ways.

You can use it in your video calls, in the translation of emails, text messages, websites and more.

A single application, without third-party interference that will help you translate what you need. Download the app for iOS and Android.