Being a translation application, Calls Translator offers a number of essential features for users.

The novelty implies a simultaneous translation in national and international calls, without the intervention of a human translator and that will also work for videoconferences.

We will discuss the rest of the important characteristics below:

Calls Translator Features

As users, you will wonder how simultaneous translation will be possible in calls or if it will work with your current telephone line.

In order to use the simultaneous translation of Calls Translator, you must download the official application that is available for iOS and Android.

After completing the user registration, you will have the option to contract any of the available plans. You will have the option of contracting in two available modes, with or without a local or global line.

Whatever your choice, the translation will happen once you obtain a plan and proceed to select the source language, that is, your language, in addition to the language you want to translate into.

Once communication is established, both parties will be able to speak normally and at the same time obtain a fluent translation between both languages.

A second line

Calls Translator will allow you to contract any plan with the choice of having a second telephone line.

That line will have a VoIP operation and will not depend on local telephone operators and will be able to work regardless of the country where you are.

This second line may have the attribute of working for national or international calls. Naturally, with the option of simultaneous translation included.

Customize the tone of voice of the translator

Calls Translator gives you the possibility to choose and customize the tone of voice of the translator you will use. You can choose a male or female tone of voice with different nuances.

In this way, you can speak calmly knowing that your interlocutor will hear a corresponding voice, which will not sound robotic or with little clarity.

Translation in a single app

Beyond translating national and international calls, including video conferences, Calls Translator offers its capabilities to use in other services.

You can translate emails, text messages, and even web pages.

Calls Translator has an included web browser, with which you can access different web pages regardless of their language and translate all their content instantly.

Choose from over 50 available languages and start translating whatever you want with a single application.