Calls Translator offers a fluid and clear simultaneous translation service for national and international calls.

This service also works for users who require automatic translation assistance for video calls or for the translation of documents or emails.

Unlike other similar services, Calls Translator will offer an experience without dependence on a human translator. Learn more about how it works below.

How Calls Translator Simultaneous Translation Works

The simultaneous translation offered by Calls Translator will be powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, capable of detecting, interpreting, translating, and emitting a clear and fluent voice between the interlocutors of the call.

This means that it will not be necessary to depend on a human translator for this purpose. That is the main difference between the service offered by Calls Translator compared to other similar ones.

Calls Translator allows the translation of calls, video calls and emails, in more than 50 available languages.

You will have a mobile application available for both iOS and Android, where you can hire a plan to obtain a phone number with the capacity to make national and international VoIP calls.

This second phone line will work without interfering with your main line, also regardless of the country where you reside or where you want to call since it will not depend on local mobile operators.

Get the application directly on your iOS or Android mobile.