In order to choose a good simultaneous call translator, it is necessary to take into account the most important aspects of its operation.

Starting from the fact that translators have a defined function, it is important to understand how this function will help us in our daily work.

If you are a person who travels or maintains contact with many people around the world for business, a simultaneous translator could provide you with the necessary help in terms of communication, which is fast but also effective.

Essentials of a good simultaneous translator

From fluent translation to all-in-one operation, here are some aspects to consider when choosing a good simultaneous call translator.

Fluent voice tone

When we talk about a fluent voice in a simultaneous call translator, we do not mean that the voice of the automatic translator is not robotic.

Some services have this drawback and the user experience is usually unpleasant due to the discomfort caused by the tone.

Calls Translator implements a more natural tone, which will help the callers to follow your call fluently, without the displeasure of an uncomfortable tone of voice.


A simultaneous call translator should have different languages available. In this way, each user will be able to talk to the person he/she wants to talk to without any inconvenience due to limitations in the translation language.

Calls Translator offers 25 available languages in its first version, however, this language list is expected to be expanded to other languages.

The current version of Calls Translator offers translation into the most popular languages today: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, among others.

All-in-one translation

Having a simultaneous translator with a single functionality makes no sense at all. In this globalized world, we need more effective tools adapted to our specific needs as users.

In the case of Calls Translator, you will be able to translate calls, both national and international, and it can even work if you call a local number.

It also offers the possibility of using simultaneous translation in your videoconferences, a highly demanded feature in these times of global contingency, where remote work reigns supreme.

Other features include the translation of text messages, e-mails and web pages.

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