We know that translation applications abound and that each one has specific features and demands.

For the user, these functionalities are usually transparent because, in general, we understand that a translator only fulfils the limited function of translating texts or entire documents.

This is true in some respects. There are translators that fulfil additional or specific functions depending on the user’s needs.

Calls Translator vs Google Translator

When it comes to choosing a translator, we tend to use the most popular one. In this case, Google Translator has been on the market for years, starting out as a simple online text translator and now moving on to a range of solutions, although always focused on written text.

The main disadvantage that has always dogged Google Translator is its lack of fluency in translating texts. In some cases, with grammatical and syntax flaws, making it difficult to read and understand the translations it makes from basic languages such as English – Spanish.

Currently, Google Translator offers a real-time conversation translation experience, however, this experience is subject to rules where each person must speak in their own time to obtain a smooth and fluid translation.

Why choose Calls Translator?

In addition to the translation options for texts, documents, emails and web pages, Calls Translator is capable of translating calls, video calls and text messages in real time.

This is achieved through a translator that has more than 25 languages available and is customisable in the tone of voice, allowing you to choose between male or female.

The main striking feature of Calls Translator is that it allows you to translate national and international calls and also video calls, a service that is not offered by other similar and well-known applications.

Another key point of Calls Translator is that the translation of national and international calls will work even if your interlocutor does not have the application installed. You can even call local numbers such as home phones and still enjoy instant translation.

However, to be able to use real-time translation in video calls, it will be necessary for both users to have the application installed on their mobile. Even so, we guarantee you that the fluency and experience will be simple and smooth.

Try Calls Translator now, available for both Android and iPhone.