The main differentiator of Calls Translator in terms of its service is the possibility of providing a simultaneous translation experience in a clear and fluent voice.

Gone are the days of similar services where the translator’s voice was far from similar in tone to that of human speech.

The interesting thing is that, as a user, you will be able to customise the type of voice or tone of the translator. This will help you to speak normally, knowing that your interlocutor will hear a translation accordingly.

Personalised tone of voice, translation fluency and your own phone line

Once you get Calls Translator, you can customise the voice you want for the simultaneous translator, to make it as close or familiar to your interlocutor as possible.

This also means fluency and clarity during the conversation. No more worries about robotic voices or voices lacking human meaning.

You will be able to have a second phone line, with your own number that can work independently of the country where you live and without interfering with your main line.

How Calls Translator works

The application can run on your iOS or Android device.

Once installed, all you have to do is sign up to access any of the available plans that meet your communication needs.

The next step is to use the translation functionalities allowed in your user according to the plan you have contracted.